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Add Fan Page to your Blog - or Site

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 ·

I just added Fan Page to my Blog …
and I like it !
Don't you think so ?! Yes I'm still trying to fit it to my ayout - but it's something to start with!

If you have FaceBook Fan page and Blog – why not connect them ?! Somebody stopped at your Blog – and there is a door to the Fan Page how cool is this ?!

So if you want do this fallow this simple steps

1. Go to your Fan Page
2. Click on Add Fan Box to your Site (it’s under the Avatar or Logo of your page)
3. Make the way you like it – as you see I made mine only with Stream – and not Fans !
4. Copy Code – and go to your blog – Dashboard
5. Chose Layout – Page elements – Add a Gadget – HTML – Past your code and you ready to go !!
BTW – don’t forget to save !
I’ll be happy to see what you got - so come back and show me !

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