What kind of earrings do you shop on-line

Swarovski earrings or Crystal Earrings

Monday, August 24, 2009 ·

Swarovski earrings or Crystal earrings

A couple days ago I got very interesting tool bar to find the best keywords combination and get a lot of reports and statistic about everything I want.

Today I made new Swarovski earrings and I decided to investigate what people usually look for when they shop for Swarovski earrings?

So let’s start! When I put myself as a customer who want to shop on-line for Swarovski earrings – I was really surprised because not as many hits Google gets from this word combinations

With the help of Google AdWords – I found the next

Swarovski earrings - Local search in July – 60 500

Crystal Earrings – local search in July – 110 000

This is statistic from Google Search

So this gave me an Idea to put "14K GF crystal gold earrings" in my title.

Here is another info for you!

I really was surprised when I found when people mostly shop for Jewelry – Earrings … It was from November to December yes we know – Christmas shopping welcome!

So this year I know what I will make and how I’ll be ready for big sales!

In the next my investigation I’ll show you what kind of earrings people shop mostly before the Christmas.


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